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Last updated on August 23, 2023

An Understanding Cook County Child Disability Attorney

Parenthood is both a joy and a challenge. If your child has social, cognitive or physical limitations, however, the challenge can be even greater. To help parents provide for their disabled children’s needs, the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers certain Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

I am Timothy White, a Chicago children’s Social Security Disability attorney who is committed to helping Illinois families seek the benefits that they and their children deserve. With more than 18 years of experience, I know Social Security benefits inside and out. I can help you both understand the requirements and file an SSI claim for your child.

Social Security Benefits For Children

In addition to considering your family’s financial situation, the SSA will look at some of the following factors:

  • Does your child meet or equal the criteria of a Listing of Impairments?
  • Does your child have “marked or severe functional limitations” in at least two domains of functioning, or an “extreme limitation” in one domain? Such limitations include physical impairments, disabling diseases or mental conditions that significantly limit his or her abilities.
  • Has your child’s condition lasted, or is it expected to last, at least one year? Or, is the condition terminal?

At my Chicago law firm, I can help you complete and submit the initial SSI application and the required Child Disability Report. In addition, I can obtain copies of any teachers’ reports, doctors’ reports and other evidence necessary help determine if your child has severe limitations that would qualify for benefits.

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